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Episode 1: Dead in the Water

In 1999, 26-year-old Yvonne Layne was found murdered in her Ohio home while her children slept. Her ex-boyfriend, David Thorne, was instantly a suspect as the father of one of her children, but he had a solid alibi. So the police found Joe Wilkes, a friend of David’s, who said David hired him to kill Yvonne. In 2000 with Joe’s testimony, David was sentenced to life without parole. But, our investigation has shown that almost everyone in Yvonne's life had a motive to kill her – like her own family, a creepy neighbor and even police officers. In this season, we investigate the case with Jason Baldwin and @proclaimjustice.

So is David a cold blooded murderer, and if not who did kill Yvonne Layne?

The gallery below contains images of David, Yvonne, and their son Brandon.




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