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Episode 13: The Expert

Karen Smith

Veteran forensic expert Karen Smith joins Maggie to look at the crime scene and give her opinion on who could have done this and how. Karen is a retired major case detective with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. During her career, she conducted 500 death investigations and worked 20,000 in other cases. She serves as a lecturer at the University of Florida, Florida State University and Florida Gulf Coast University for various forensic courses. Karen has appeared on Dateline, 20/20, CNN's Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock, the PBS documentary How Sherlock Changed the World, CNN's Special Investigation into the Missy Bevers Case, HLN's Murder Board, and she currently appears regularly on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace on SiriusXM as a resident forensic expert.

You can find Karen's podcast "Shattered Souls" by visiting or wherever you get your podcasts.

Below are the crime scene photos that are examined by Karen in the interview.

Below are photos of Karen on various news networks as well as Karen in the field.




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